Funeral plan providers: what you need to know

From 29 July 2022, any funeral plan provider that isn’t authorised by us will be committing a criminal offence if it attempts to sell or administer a funeral plan contract. That means it won’t be able to deliver the service you have paid for.

Some existing providers will not be applying for authorisation or have withdrawn their applications. See providers who will not be authorised.

If you have a funeral plan, or are thinking about buying one, you should check the provider’s application status before July 2022, as you may need to take action.

Search for the provider in the table below to find out what its status is.

  • If you have a plan and your provider hasn’t applied for authorisation yet, or isn’t going to apply for authorisation, they should contact you to tell you what’s happening with your plan. If you haven’t heard from your provider, contact them.
  • If you’re buying a new plan before our regulation begins, don’t buy a plan from a provider if its status is, ‘not applying for authorisation’, ‘application refused’ or ‘application withdrawn’ (find out more in the table below).

Your provider might be a different company to the one that sold you the plan. For example, a funeral director may have sold you a plan that is administered by a different funeral plan provider. Find out who the provider is by looking at your paperwork or by contacting the organisation that sold you the plan.

On this page:

Funeral plan provider application status

The list may not reflect a provider’s status as soon as it applies. It will be updated at regular intervals. This list was last updated on 13 May 2022.

Check below what this means for you.

If a provider’s status is ‘application withdrawn’ or ‘not applying – planning to transfer’ find out more.


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