Complications executors may face

March 15, 2023

Being appointed as the executor of an estate is a significant responsibility that requires careful consideration. While it may be an honour to be entrusted with this important role by a loved one, the reality is that estates can be quite...[Read More]

Financial management when we lose a loved one

November 23, 2022

Losing a loved one is probably one of the most stressful events one will ever go through in life. It will leave you feeling distraught and devastated, so sorting out their finances is the last thing you’d be concerned about. It could be...[Read More]

Caring for Someone in an Aged Care Home

October 12, 2022

Your role as a carer does not necessarily end if the person you’re looking after moves to an aged care home. Even after moving them into a care facility, you might still spend a lot of time there, providing care and giving them company. However,...[Read More]

How inheritance tax works

September 15, 2022

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money and possessions) of someone who’s died. There’s normally no Inheritance Tax to pay if either: the value of your estate is below the £325,000 threshold you leave everything above...[Read More]

Tax on property, money and shares you inherit

August 11, 2022

You do not usually owe any tax on an inheritance at the time you inherit it. Inheritance Tax The personal representative (an executor or administrator) for the estate usually pays any Inheritance Tax due before giving you the inheritance. HM...[Read More]

Funeral plan providers: what you need to know

May 18, 2022

From 29 July 2022, any funeral plan provider that isn’t authorised by us will be committing a criminal offence if it attempts to sell or administer a funeral plan contract. That means it won’t be able to deliver the service you have paid...[Read More]

Paying your Inheritance Tax bill

August 4, 2021

(GOV.UK)   Overview You must pay Inheritance Tax by the end of the sixth month after the person died. Example If the person died in January, you must pay Inheritance Tax by 31 July. There are different due dates if you’re making payments...[Read More]